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Buy PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online

PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g

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Buy PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online Here

Buy PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online. Application: Cosmetics:PVPK series can be used as firm-forming agent,viscosity-enhancement agenr,lubricaror and adhesive.They are the key component of hair spray,mousse gels and lotions & solution.They are also convenience assistant in skin-care product,hair-drying reagent,shampoo,eye makeup, lipstick,deodorant,sunscreen and dentifrice. Order PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online.

Pharmaceutical:Povidone K30 is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient.It is mainly used as binder for tablet and pellet,dissolving assistant for injection,flow assistant for capsule,dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment,stabilizer or enzyme and heat sensitive drug,coprecipitant for poorly soluble drug,lubricator and antitoxical assistant for eye drug,PVP has been used as excipient more than one hundred drugs.

Buy PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online. Order PVP-K Homopoly Series Products 40g Online

Other Utility: .Suspensant,disperser and emulsifier .Paint and coating..Plastics and resin .Adhesive.

.Glass fiber .Film..Ink .TV tube..Detergent .Tabletting..Textile dying and printing .


The homologous series of straight-chained alkanes begins methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), butane (C4H10), and pentane (C5H12). In that series, successive members differ in mass by an extra methylene bridge (-CH2- unit) inserted in the chain. Thus the molecular mass of each member differs by 14 atomic mass units. Adjacent members in such a series, such as methane and ethane, are known as “adjacent homologues.”[4]

Within that series, many physical properties such as boiling point gradually increase with increasing mass. For example, ethane (C2H6), has a higher boiling point than methane (CH4). This is because an ethane molecule experiences greater dipole moments, as in a large molecule, the electron cloud tends to distort at random to a greater extent. Thus, the London dispersion forces between ethane molecules are higher than that between methane molecules, resulting in stronger forces of intermolecular attraction, raising the boiling point.

Some important classes of organic molecules are derivatives of alkanes, such as the primary alcohols, aldehydes, and (mono)carboxylic acids form analogous series to the alkanes. The corresponding homologous series of primary straight-chained alcohols comprises methanol (CH4O), ethanol (C2H6O), 1-propanol (C3H8O), 1-butanol, and so on. The single-ring cycloalkanes form another such series, starting with cyclopropane.

Homologous series
General formula
Repeating unit
Functional group(s)…….


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